Gravity Omutujju Tells Begging Fans How He Is Also Suffering

The effects of the ongoing lockdown in Uganda continue to be witnessed every other day as local come out to ask for food and support from the government and renowned personalities.

Some music lovers have been reaching out to top artistes in the country asking for food, considering that they have been supporting the artistes by buying their music and attending their shows.

However, popular Ugandan rapper Gravity Omutujju feels that everyone is affected, and as such locals should not seek for help from artistes.

Speaking during a recent interview, Gravity was asked why he did not come to the rescue of dancers who appeared on the news asking for help. He responded to the question by stating that he is also affected and not in a position to help.

“They should go dig and stop begging. Yes, they are my dancers but I used to pay them their money. Besides, where do I work now? Am I performing anywhere? Gravity posed.

“Stay at your homes, just like we are doing. This COVID situation is affecting all of us. It does not segregate the rich and the poor. You can’t say someone is living well apart from the people working. We are all suffering,” he said.

Regarding why he is yet to stage an online concert, he said he can’t afford one right now as he is currently not working.

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