Big Tril’s Words of Advice to the Next Generation of Ugandan Artists

Pursuing a career in music isn’t always an easy road.So when a more successful artist offers up a piece of free advice, it is only fair for young artists and all those who aspire to do music one day, to listen up and get tips on how to navigate this competitive music environment.

Ugandan singer, Big Trill had advised the next generation of Ugandan musicians to master the art of playing at least one music instrument as it may be essential on their journey.

“To the next generation of Ugandan musicians, please learn how to play a music Instrument… I taught myself how to play Piano and it really helped with my music. It’s hard until it’s not. So pick up that instrument and learn it. Thank me later.” Big Tril tweeted.

Big Tril, whose real name is Kaiza Raymond Rolland enjoyed much popularity last year with his hit single, ‘Parte After Parte’ that saw him trend not only in Uganda but also Africa wide in countries like Nigeria.

The height of it all was when popular American female rapper, Cardi B recorded herself, together with her husband, Offset dancing to the song.

With all these records, we can safely say Big Tril has made it and he is in the right position to advise the rest of the young artists who look up to him.

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