On The Run? Embattled R. Kelly Reportedly Thinking of Running to Africa

On The Run? Embattled Reportedly Thinking of Running to Africa

Hol’ Up! Reports are saying something funny. Yeah, funny if it’s true as it’s looking like embattled RnB legend,  is thinking of coming to hide out in Africa after the series of accusations about sexual and child abuse.

Reports of  having sex with minors started filtering out last year but the singer’s PR team got on that and neutered that and for a while, it looked like the wind had blown over and the singer was in the clear but then late last year, the storm started brewing again.

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When the new year came, it was full blown as a documentary detailing the alleged crimes of R. Kelly aired. Fans watched in disbelief as the man they once worshipped was unveiled as a monster. His threat to expose all those involved or even sue the studio has done nothing to make this go away and now, he wants to run.

Singers like John Legend and a few others were part of the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary that aired and while it’s still raging, it’s doubtful that R. Kelly would be allowed to leave talk less of escape to Africa where he expects consequences to be nonexistent.

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Since this has not been confirmed yet, watch the video below as we all wait to see what the embattled singer does next. Meanwhile, what do you think? Do you agree with R. Kelly coming to hide out in Africa? Drop your comments.


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