R. Kelly’s Reputation May Be Going Down But His Streaming Numbers Are Climbing

’s Reputation May Be Going Down But His Streaming Numbers Are Climbing

When news of ‘s involvement with minors and his abuse stories first broke, it was a shock to the industry that had shown this legendary artiste so much love. Many could not relate the handsome singer that captured lots of hearts with his songs and performances with the monster that the stories talked about.

Even others wished that it was a lie, that it was a witch-hunt, one that they could fight, one that they could shake off and keep loving the music hero whose love songs ruled the airwaves. Alas, it was true that he had done all those things as more women came forward and a documentary was created to expose the many wrongs.

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When the first part of Lifetime‘s Documentary series aired a few days ago, it was like a nail driven into ‘s music coffin and into the hearts of fans who adored the man. “Surviving R. Kelly” was the title of that documentary that had victims and celebrities like John Legend speak up and expose the man.

But then, trend as that documentary did, his streaming numbers online have not dropped. Instead, it has increased by as much as 16%, making one wonder why people would want to listen to the man described and exposed in that documentary.

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On of those wondering is actress, Jada Pinkett Smith who tweeted ““So I got an article this morning about how R. Kelly’s music sales and his streams have spiked substantially since the release of Surviving R. Kelly docuseries.”

Still, as R. Kelly battles to save his career and maybe even stay out of jail, we’ll like to know what you think. Why do you think people are still listening? Are you still listening?


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