King Monada’s #Idibala Challenge Taking Over Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, China…

’s #Idibala Challenge Taking Over Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, China…. Source: / Instagram

South African musician is certainly on to something grand, as his song “Malwedhe” has inspired the “fainting dance” challenge going by the hashtag #Idibala challenge.

It may have started as a priceless joke back in , but the “fainting dance” has grabbed the trends and is spreading fast. At the moment, “Malwedhe” has become a hit – a surprise to no one.

Bao Lecha,” “Gere Kgere Lodge,” “Rolo,” featuring Hendy Boy, “Cancel,” featuring Dr Malinga, Matepe,” featuring DJ Calvin, and “Passenger,” are among ’s offerings so far. Compared to “Malwedhe,” they have fallen behind in appeal.

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Fifi Cooper – Zwagala Ft. Obakeng Mothelesi
Source: King Monada/ Instagram

The revolutionary drums of #Idibala challenge has made that possible.

At the moment the #Idibala challenge has caught on in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, and in faraway China.

It is all good news for King Monada as the #Idibala craze has seen him get offers to perform in the United Kingdom.

By the way, the “fainting dance” challenge is something you must not try while driving, as you may not survive.

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The #Idibala fever promises to be with us for quite some time. It has thrust King Monada into the spotlight, where he will probably remain for some time.

Catch some Idibala scenes from across the world below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.




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