Kanye West Explains Delay in the Release of “Yandhi” Album

Explains Delay in the Release of “Yandhi” Album

Fans worldwide had looked forward to the launch of rapper ’s album “Yandhi.” The countdown to the launch had equally stoked the fever of expectancy.

But facts have emerged that would not release the album on the day promised (last Saturday). The result, of course, has been a massive shrug globally. Not a few were disappointed by the shift in the launch date.

Having released a teaser of the album on Instagram, giving them an idea what to expect, impatience had set in among fans. Let Ye release the album! Well the album isn’t here, and the fans aren’t exactly smiling.

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But Kanye West has an explanation for the delay, and it seems plausible. In a chat with TMZ, Kanye West explained that he wanted to go to Africa to explore more sounds and record. He, however, did not mention the countries in Africa he would be coming to.

Source: Kanye West/ Instagram

Does this mean an increase in the track list of the songs in the album? There are many questions to ponder, all spawned by the shift in launch date. Hopefully, the album, when released, should compensate the fans with the beauty of its songs. Then – maybe just then – the delay may be said to be worth it.

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The date for the release of the album has been changed to Black Friday – November 23. The wait continues.

See a clip of the chat with TMZ below and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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