NIGERIA Mayorkun Shares His 2 Cents On Guys Who Spend To Impress Ladies

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Serial hitmaker of Davido Music Worldwide () fame, has a word of advice for guys who spend to impress ladies. In an interview with Accelarate TV, the Che Che hitmaker thinks girls are not about the future; instead, they only believe in the present.

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whose real name is Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel should know a thing or two about the phenomenon. He is one act who gained prominence after being discovered on social media by label boss, Davido.

Source: Mayorkun/Instagram

His debut single, “Eleko,” became a viral hit; amassing a whopping million YouTube views in a measly 9 days. He has since gone on to commission several hit songs including “Yawa,” “Mama,” and “Sade,” just to mention a few. He is also regarded as one of the most-sought after acts on the circuit with several collaborations to match.

In fact, his recently held “Mayor of Lagos” concert was a success by all accounts. Therefore, it is safe to believe he has achieved a world of success, fame and fortune by the average Nigerian living and industry standards; especially as a member of the ’30 Billion Gang.’

Source: Mayorkun/Instagram

However, he is still not swayed about using material things to win the hearts of ladies because he understand the cardinal rule – ‘money comes and money goes.’

Mayorkun asked “What happens when this money goes?” He believes the girl you impress with money today will easily move on to the next richer person whenever you experience a financial drought.

Then, he concluded the interview with a teaser. What would a girl’s preference be of a guy with 1 million naira today or a guy that will have 10 million naira tomorrow? Your guess can be only as good as his.

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