Show Dem Camp – “Palmwine Music 2” EP

Show Dem Camp – “Palmwine Music 2” EP

Musical duo Show Dem Camp is showing of its newest EP titled “Palmwine Music 2.”

Show Dem Camp comprises Ghost and Tec, and the duo makes an interesting combination. Their newest EP follows a previous release of that title. “Palmwine Music” is fascinating as a title, and so, interestingly, are the songs in the EP.

Adopting the title “Palmwine Music” is the duo’s way of showing the uniqueness of its offering, a medley of hip hop, percussions and instrumentals. What began as a little fire in 2017 has morphed into an inferno, spawning new versions of “Palmwine Music” among little know artistes and ultimately leading to the “Pamwine Music Festival” toward the end of 2017.

The coming of  “Palmwine Music 2” was heralded by a Twitter post from Tec, which reads: “Happy to be able to create music for a living. Grateful for life and every single person that’s rocking with us. Day 1’s and new supporters alike. Palmwine Music 2 Out Now on all…

The EP has 10 tracks and features some known names in Nigeria’s music industry, including BOJ, Tomi Agape, Ajebutter 22, Falana, Worlasi, Burna Boy, Lady Donli, Poe, and Flash.

  “Palmwine Music 2” lives up to its name in many respects. It does not promise to keep you sober. It makes you drunk rather. Good news is, you will never be found broken and bleeding in the gutter but in a world of good vibes.

Stream or listen to the album on iTunes here.

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