SOUTH AFRICA Mnqobi Yazo – Iscephu EP

Mnqobi Yazo – Iscephu EP

Be ready to go on a journey of many miles, heavy whirlwinds, storms, lotsa sunshine and finish off the day with stunning sunsets. What you’re about to experience is from Aewon Wolf’s new act, Mnqobi Yazo who is out with new EP titled “Iscephu”.

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From the intro, you’re immediately pulled into a secret, sacred place with voices that sound like chants of a welcoming ceremony in the backdrop. The thumb piano and Mnqobi’s praises gives you the feeling that you’re on a spiritual level; at least musically so. Shortly after that welcoming, the title track comes to life with Mnqobi singing praises like a poet.

Enters Konakele whose harmonies will tug at your heart strings as Mnqobi Yazo cautions against easily falling in love with a woman who is almost certain to have your heart broken.

This song proves that a man loves with all his heart when he is love, and he’s seen as heartless because his heart has been trampled upon Konakele is a track rich with experience, young wisdom, and a level of vulnerability.

As the EP closes off, Mnqobi tones it down with his first feature on the project for Sweet Melodies featuring King J.O.E who will have you asking, “Who’s this?” His voice is as commanding and captivating as Mnqobi’s.

He ends the EP with Ama-Come & Go which reiterates the stories on Konakele, a tale of caution when coming to girls. Perhaps Mnqobi’s been heartbroken or he’s been living in fear of his heart being trampled upon.

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His use of drums and maskandi-like guitars will leave you feeling like sipping tea in a wrapper or native attire, and in a place full of mud huts, and back-of-house fires as you watch the goats bleating and hens cackling.

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