A-Reece – Reece Effect Soundtrack Album

– Reece Effect Soundtrack Album

Surprise. Surprise. That was the emotion most fans expressed when “Reece Effect Soundtrack Album” dropped. Many had expected it to drop on ’s 22nd birth day. Well, the album is here, beautiful as can be.

The album has got a princely 11 tracks, which is rather generous compared to immediate past album “And I’m Only 21.” The latest album features some of The Wrecking Crew (TWC) members, including Krish, Ex Global and Wordz


  1. The Preamble
    2. Ma$querade Party (feat. Wordz)
    3. Fear No Man (feat. Ex Global, IMP THA DON, Krish & Wordz)
    4. $trange Habit$ (feat. Ex Global & Wordz)
    5. Re$pon$ibilitie$ (feat. Ex Global & Wordz)
    6. We Both Know Better
    7. Fate Interlude
    8. $afe Haven (feat. Ex Global, Krish & Wordz)
    9. Girl$ Got Dream$
    10. La$t Re$ort
    11. Hone$t.
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A fine album we have here. However a few of the tracks are buzzing more than the others. The buzzing tracks include “Fear No Man,” “Re$pon$ibilitie$,” “We Both Know Better,” and “Girl$ Got Dream$.”

This album is worth checking out. For an indie artiste A-reece isn’t doing badly. You gotta rock the 11 bairns he gives you in “Reece Effect Soundtrack Album.” By the way the album was released in collaboration with .

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A-Reece tracks you may wish to lay your hands on include: “Holding Hands” and “Everybody Hates Reece.

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