Top 7 Music Courses You Can Take From Home

The world as we knew it is changing quite rapidly before our very eyes, no doubt, but there are several ways we can prepare ourselves to be a better position for greater success come what may.

Music Opportunities Online

Music is the food of the soul, and with music, knowledge comes greater opportunities, especially in these days and times when you can take some of the world’s most desired music lessons from music production to songwriting, music production, music writing to the music business, all from the comfort of your living room.

Coursera is a top online course website that offers free and paid courses that you can take and learn online. Coursera helps you build skills with courses from top universities from Yale to Stanford and other technology giants like Google and IBM.

Top 19 Music Courses

We have compiled a list of music courses that you can register for today online, and you can rest assured you are on your way to learning all of those exciting things about music you’re passionate about.

1.Music Production Specialization

2. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics

3. Fundamentals of Music Theory

4. Developing Your Musicianship

5. Music Business Foundations

6. The Art of Music Production

7. Developing Your Musicianship

There you have it! Our list of the top 7 music classes you can register for today!

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