Wizkid x Davido Clash At One Africa Music Fest, Here Is What We Know

This time around the two bigwigs in the Nigerian music industry were at it again. and decided to test the murky waters physically at the just concluded One Africa Music Fest.

Their feud started many years ago and they have been throwing tantrums all over social media over who is the kingpin of the music industry in .

On one hand likens the voice of to that of a frog, while tells his fans that he is the main man who runs the show. It is unfortunate that this time around the exchange of words went beyond the social media platform.

The fracas started where the two superstars were billed to act at the Dubai edition of the one Africa music fest. Witnesses claim that the squabble started over who will perform before the other. And apparently, felt that the organizers of this event were not fair to allow to perform before him.

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It is reported that as Sarkodie was about to walk on stage, one of Davido’s guy attacked Black Nana. This was to allow Davido perform before Wizkid. As expected this did not go down well with Wizkid and his crew which resulted in a violent clash between the two groups.

Things got so messy in the backstage since they were exchanging blows and fists like free Wi-Fi. Maybe they were doing all these things to try and make the other party bow down, something that did not happen. Instead, they made the whole event look disorganized.

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Now, one would ask,” is it appropriate to measure your supremacy battles in another man’s country? Well, that is a decision that the two musicians need to make. Anyway, it would be nice to see either of the parties curtain raise for the other or the duo perform together.

Unfortunately, things got out of hand and Sarkodie had to cancel his show. It is so sad that they were caught up in the clash of supremacy battles between the two musicians. Apparently, Sarkodie did not give his side of the story. But his fans had information to give out to the world. Here are some screenshots of what his supporters thought transpired during the event.


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