4 Bongo Collabos Fans Hope to See in Future

The bongo music scene is full of activities with musicians attempting to improve by releasing high-quality music.

Notably, artistes have upped their game with chart-topping collaborations. However, there are still some potential collabos that will for sure cause ripples in Tanzania.

This article looks at potential bongo collaborations that will stand out if they materialize.

Alikiba and Harmonize

While at Wasafi, there was no possibility of Alikiba working with artists from the label. However, with Konde Worldwide under Harmonize, it is now possible for the two to drop new music together. In the recent past, both musicians have expressed their admiration for one another. With a sizable fan base, a collabo between the two will blow up the charts.

Nandy and Zuchu

Nandy is arguably the leading female musician in Tanzania at the moment. On the other hand, Zuchu’s fast rise cannot be ignored at all. Zuchu has now become a household name not only in Tanzania but also in East Africa. A collabo between the two will realize the proverbial girl power.

Rayvanny and Mbosso

Interestingly, despite being signed to Wasafi, Rayvanny and Mbosso do not have a collabo together. However, they have featured in other in house projects like Quarantine moves. These two are known for their captivating love songs. A collaboration between the two will achieve much success.

Diamond and Zuchu

This collabo is around the corner. Both Zuchu and Diamond have been spotted in the studio together. Word is that they are working on a hit that will be released in the coming weeks. Zuchu as a prodigy of Diamond has a talent that cannot be questioned. On the other hand, Diamond’s abilities are known. When they combine forces, it will be something captivating to listen to.

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