Gengetone is a Passing Cloud, Prezzo Claims

Award-winning Kenyan rapper Prezzo has termed the viral gengetone genre as a passing cloud that will soon fade away.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Prezzo noted that music is all about longevity, adding that he does not see gengetone ruling the Kenyan airwaves in the next ten years.

“Gengetone is a passing cloud… Let’s be realistic for example, ‘Mafand’ ‘Kare’ or Nameless, you know, pick any of those old songs, you know you can listen to those songs today and feel like it was just yesterday it was released… I’m happy for these young ones who are coming up you know, and whatever they are putting into the industry is a plus, but then ten years from now, I don’t think people would be listening to gengetone,” he said.

Commenting on the same, Frasha and Gabu of the P-Unit group noted that they appreciate the upcoming musicians who are trying new stuff, adding that they should just work on the content being produced.

“The only problem I have with gengetone is the content of the songs. It is raw, unapatanga kuna watu wengine inawafanya wafeel uncomfortable,” Frasha said.

“I give opportunity to young artistes to come and record, because ata sisi tulianza hapo. As Frasha said, lazima wajue how to code the content,” Gabu opined.

Gengetone has taken the Kenyan wave by storm, however, a section of music lovers think the content is too raw, and some of the videos are too explicit.

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