Ykee Benda Believes his Collabo with A Pass is Five Times Better than Bobi Wine’s ‘Abalunji Balumya’.

Mpaka Records C.E.O, Ykee Benda released his much anticipated collabo with singer A Pass last week and they have been looking for all possible means to promote it on social media.

Before its release, A Pass bragged about how Ykee paid him Ugx.10 million just to get his lyrics on this song titled ‘Turn Up The Vibe’.

The song is actually good and fans love it. Some, however, feel that it has the same beats as Bobi Wine’s luganda love song ‘Abalunji Balumya’ in which he featured Nubian Li.

This revelation was made by a one Joshua on Twitter and many people agreed with him.

This did not sit well with Ykee Benda. He quickly replied defending himself, also saying that he first composed the song lyrics before the beats. It was just a coincidence that these two songs have the same vibe.

Ykee did not stop at that, ladies and gentlemen, he claimed that his song is five times better than Bobi Wine’s. (Really Ykee?)

“Just a coincidence….funny how I wrote this song in my car without any beats on my way back from town one evening….that said u can’t downplay the genius in the song…even with the likeness in beats this song is 5 times better !! #TurnUpDVibe” Ykee Benda replied

Now we all know Bobi Wine was a genius in love songs, and this particular jam was a vibe but do you believe when Ykee says it is not as good as his?

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