Watch the Hilarious Moment Teni Sleeps Off While on Set

Watch the Hilarious Moment Sleeps Off While on Set Source: / Instagram

A moment of hilarity played out recently in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, when “Uyo Meyo” crooner Makanaki slept off on set. The director had actually told her to sleep. As it was part of the role in the music video they were shooting.

had heeded the director’s directive without any argument whatsoever. The only thing is that she forgot she was actually on set and should be playacting but actually slept off. She had to be woken from her sleep to resume her role.

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Her having slept off provoked a little argument between her and the director while other members of the crew watched. But the argument such as they had is not something that can wreck a relationship or even rob Teni off her position as one of the most visible female artistes and one of the hottest feature materials in at the moment

What do you make of this hilarious episode in Teni‘s career? Was she truly sleepy or merely playing a prank on the director? Or?

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Teni shared the video of the incident herself, making a joke of it on her Instagram page. Watch the video below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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