Ruggedman Advises Artistes on Contract Signing

Advises Artistes on Contract Signing. Source: / Instagram

Controversies have often swirled around record companies, artistes, and the contracts they sign. Some artistes see the signing a contract as an instant key to a Bentley and Gucci accessories, and when this isn’t forthcoming they begin to complain.

Sometimes these complaints make it to the public, sometimes it doesn’t. But the reality remains: some artistes, desperate for fame and fortune, might sign anything even without reading the letters of the contract

The result, expectedly, is the controversy that spills into the open between record labels and artistes.

Source: / Instagram

One of the old guard on ’s music scene and “Sucasa Micasa” mastermind has just joined the debate, advising artiste on the best way to go about a contract and of course making it clear that a contract is not exactly a passkey to a fortune. There is serious work to be done, by both the artiste and record label.

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His message, though, was especially aimed at the artiste. For one who knows the industry well, his words are particularly instructive. Ruggedman has said in part in a video shared on his Instagram page:

A record contract is a binding business document. Not a poverty eliviation scheme. Sign it only after you have read the contents with your lawyer and agree with the terms stated,” he stated in part in the video.

Well, what do you think about Ruggedman‘s opinion? Watch the video below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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