USA Jay Z and Meek Mill Team Up On Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

Jay Z and Team Up On Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

American rappers, Jay Z and  have teamed up on a new social project designed to reform the prison regulations and what they described as laws that make no sense.

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Named “Reform Alliance”, this foundation headed by Van Jones was born as a result of a case that involved  violating his parole due to the same laws that the duo along with other businessmen are trying to repeal.

Meek Mill who would later spend a few months in jail after getting sentenced to spend 2 – 4 years in jail has always insisted that there were two Americas: one that favored colored people and the other that favored white people and let them off every once in a while.

Meek Mill went further to say that ““If you thought my case was unfair, there are millions of others dealing with worse situations and caught up in the system without committing crimes. With this alliance, we want to change outdated laws, give people hope and reform a system that’s stacked against us.”

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The CEO, Van Jones also weighed in, saying that the Reform Alliance will seek to change the cycle of parole and violation that ends up leading people back to prison.

In his words, “That is the revolving door that keeps people back in and back in and back in,” Jones said. “We’re going to dismantle that revolving door.”


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