Nigerian Singer’s Song Featured In Grammy Awards Commercial

Nigerian Singer’s Song Featured In Commercial

Nigerian singer, IBK Spaceship Boy is on cloud nine currently after news emerged that his song was featured in the commercial for the 2019 with the campaign tag #LetsHearIt.

who is signed to Martianship Music Company hails from Warri and took to Instagram to share the good news.

In a well penned writeup on Instagram, the artiste revealed how he had always dreamt of contributing to the big commercials and ads that show on TV and how this is a dream come true for him.

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Music by: IBK SPACESHIPBOI. 🙌🏽🙌🙌🏿🙌🏼 I remember my first time pushing the "on" button to watch American television. I am a sucker for commercials so I watched the ads religiously so much so that my girl friend at the time would yell from the living room "they are showing your commercials oh!". I told myself "1 day, you will create music that will be on one of these commercials". So I started paying attention to the genres of music that thrived in that industry and became inspired to create 6 pieces at the time. Fast forward 2 years later, I get a call from the awesome team at @sostereomusic saying the Grammy's would love to use 1 of my pieces for the 2019 commercial and would love if you could spruce it up abit. So spruce it I did 😁 and the rest is good history. From thought to reality, my music now plays on a Grammy commercial on American television. This Warri boy from Nigeria; God writes the story, we just act it out 🤗 #GRAMMYs #goodmusic #music #commercial #nominations #grammy2019 #greatness #rock #award #predestined #excellence #blackexcellence #dreamscometrue #yourdreamsarevalid #producer #naijatotheworld #anythingispossible #tvcommerials #theGRAMMYs #GRAMMYcommercial #african #bestband #musicflow #themusicexplorer #live #LetsHearIt

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Some of ‘s previous projects include “I Come In Peace”, “Music for Commercials, Vol 1 (A Spaceshipboi Experiement)” and “Identity”.

While  isn’t exactly one of the most popular artistes in the country or even in the headlines, he is talented nonetheless as seen from the selection of one of his songs to be used in the commercial for a reputable show like the Grammys.

In the coming days, it is expected of course that with this newfound fame, his stock in the industry would also increase, so it might not be reaching too far to say we expect a possible collaboration between him and one of the big players in the industry in a not-so-far future.


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