CDQ Promises to give “Whatever” to Recover Lost Pendant

Source: / Instagram

Ibile Mugabe” crooner is not happy at the moment. The rapper apparently lost his pendant worth, according to him, £4,000 during a show at Harbour Point in Victoria Island.

, who recently released his album “Ibile Mugabe (The Voice),” took to twitter to appeal to whoever found the pendant to return it, promising to give the person whatever the person should fancy

Anyone that has my pendant at the show tonight @ Harbour Point, V/I pls I’ll appreciate u to dm me… I’ll appreciate u with whatever u want. Just name it… aside d fact that it worth over 4K pounds, that pendant means alot to me trust me Thank You fans ”  his tweet reads.

So far, no one has come up to say he found the “Sanwo Eko” crooner’s pendant. But some peeps on social media are beginning to speculate and joke the pendant has got some magical powers.

While we cannot verify the truth of this at the moment, we will surely notify you when the pendant is found. Having promised to give anything to recover it, someone just might show up with the pendant. We are watching. Stick around. You may as well join the conversation bt sharing your thoughts in the comment section.


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