Timi Dakolo Releases Track List for Album “Love & Consequences”

Releases Track List for Album “Love & Consequences”. Source: / Instagram

When Timi Dakolo sings, some people are moved to tears. Long known as the singer with the golden voice, ’s Timi Dakolo has maintained that voice of his ever since winning the maiden edition of Idols West Africa in 2007.

has dropped several songs wince winning the competition. Among these are “Medicine,” featuring The Yard People, “The Vow,” “Yes I do,” “I Love You,” “Let it Shine,” “There’s a Cry,” “Great Nation,” “So Beautiful” and “Love of My Life.

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Source: / Instagram

An album is right on the way and Timi Dakolo  fans have got something to look forward to. It is titled “Love and Consequences.”

The initial list of tracks released by Timi Dakolo was 13, starting with “I Remember” and ending with “Outro (Ijaw medley),”  but it seemed Timi Dakolo had an afterthought and added two more tracks (track 14 and 15 – “Run” and “Magic” respectively.)

Love and Consequences” is most probably going to interrogate marital issues, if clues on Timi Dakolo’s Instagram page are to be taken seriously. Before uploading the track list, Timi Dakolo had observed in a different post: “If you perceive that a husband and a wife are having issues, pray for them to settle and find peace in their home instead of saying I talk am, them no go last.

“Why is your heart so quick to spread bad news. Ask yourself why am I wishing the worse for people? Why?!

Well, we got the track list and are looking forward to bringing the album to you red hot. So, stay tuned.


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