NIGERIA Falz Set To Gift N1m To A Nigerian Youth


Rapper/actor with all the controversies trailing his viral “This Is video, is set on giving back to society by helping a Nigerian youth, and boy, we just can’t wait to see as events unfold!

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On Sunday, the Nigerian rapper took to his Instagram page, where he posted a video calling on the Nigerian youths to tell him how they would spend it if he gifted them N1M.

With the money, intends to reward innovation, creativity, and ingenuity, he said, adding that a vast majority of the youth in are creative, and have bright ideas.

To participate in the competition, simply record a video, post it with the hashtag #ImImNotUsing and you just might be the lucky winner.

He wrote:

“If I gave you the sum of 1 million Naira today, how would you spend the money? Post a video telling me. Make sure you use this hashtag -> #1mimNotUsing <- I want to kickstart somebody h’engine!”

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This is coming days after the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has announced that it will no longer approach the court to seek the ban of ‘This is video. Instead, the body decided to drag the artiste to government agencies saddled with the responsibility of censoring films and videos.

So NaijaTurnUp followers, share with us in the comments section below what would you do with N1million if it was given to you?


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