Kiss Daniel Welcomes Two New Members To FlyBoy INC


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Barely a few months after his messy split from G-Worldwide Entertainment and the subsequent floating of his own record label, FlyBoy INC, Nigerian music superstar, , has seemingly begun adding to his record label’s numerical strength.

If the “Yeba” singer’s recent Instagram post is anything to go by, then has welcomed two new people to the FlyBoy INC record label under which he released his recent songs “No Do” and “4 Days”. These new people are Anidugbe Uthman (Daniel’s brother) and DJ Dino.

made the surprising announcement in the caption of the photo he uploaded which featured himself, his manager  Tumimi, and two new faces who we now know to be Uthman and DJ Dino.

The caption of the photo reads thus:

I.N.C boys @tumislizz @uthy_omg and the latest addition @wickedestdjdino 🔥 welcome to my TEAM brother 🙏🏿 @flyboyincent

A click on each of the handles mentioned revealed that DJ Dino – as his name implies – is a Disc Jockey, while Uthman, the hit-maker’s brother, is in the fashion business.

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While a number of people are skeptical about Kiss Daniel’s decision to bring new members on board FlyBoy INC, which is still very young, others seem to be in support of the singer growing the record label and, by so doing, creating more opportunities for the talented people around him who have something to offer.

Even though we can’t say where exactly Kiss is headed with this new development, we are pretty certain things will get much clearer soon enough.


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