Yemi Alade Reveals Why Successful Females are So Few in Nigeria’s Music Industry

Why, in your opinion, are the female artistes in the Nigerian music industry not as successful as their male counterparts? Unequal opportunity? Gender discrimination? Not enough hard work? There just might be another reason we’ve never really considered, and it’s coming from right within the industry.

Nigerian pop diva has just recently come out to put some of her female counterparts in the industry on blast for their refusal to be supportive of one another and work in one another’s interests.

According to the self-proclaimed Mama Africa, some female Nigerian artistes have been petty and consequently unsupportive of other female artistes.

The ‘Single & Searching’ songstress who expressed this sentiment on Snapchat, while urging her fellow artistes to borrow a leaf from their male counterparts and be more cooperative, had the following to say:

“Ladies can we just get together, respect each other and not put ourselves against each other’, the Mama Africa singer started.

“Because we put ourselves against each other that’s why the whole world always put us against each other. I know about female artists who when you want to feature them on an album they have to be the only female artiste on that album.

“If they are not the only one on the album they won’t feature, that is why we are so few. It’s so petty, we are the cause of our downfall. Go and see the guys and see how they are doing well and killing it, it’s by cooperation and division of labour, we can’t do it alone.”


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