Watch King Kaka and Pascal Tokodi in New Video For ‘Nakulove’ Single

King Kaka and Pascal have been giving us good music together for years and especially this year. They are back with a new single dubbed ‘Nakulove’ and a video for it.

‘Nakulove’ is a song about a guy trying to woo a woman he loves but the parents/father will not let him have it so easy so essentially it is a declaration by the man to the lady asking her to let the father know that he really loves her, “tell budako mami, nakulove…”

The single is laid in a tweaked reggae beat; it is the popular dub step reggae beat with some additional guitar, snaps and a faster progression. It is a pretty playful instrumentation for the single.

King Kaka introduces us to an easy flow to his rapped verses; the stoic demeanor of his delivery is a great contrast to both Pascal’s vocals and the playful nature of the beat. Pascal engulfs the beat with a great range of vocal runs which then marry well with the beat.

The video is set with two character scenes; King Kaka and Pascal are third parties in the video while the other characters are the man (subject of the song) and his lady-love interest and her father. The video takes on very rich earthy and orange-y tones that make it very aesthetically pleasing and colourful.

I don’t know what you might be snapping to but this single will definitely pump up the snaps. Catch a vibe with King Kaka and Pascal Tokodi.

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