He stole my engagement ring to get a break up- Nigerian lady sadly explains

A lady today has gone to her twitter page and shared her sad part of her life by elaborating how her fiance stole her engagement ring only because he wanted a break up.

Valarie chisom as she goes by her name put it clear that she has been dating this guy for about 4 years. She adds to say that her fiance called off their engagement later on 6 months after. She later came into realization after their ugly break up that his bae had stolen the engagement ring.

Below  is what she had,

I remember this guy I dated for almost 4 years. Dude proposed and we were engaged for about 6 months or so until one day my ring went missing.

He made my life miserable for weeks because to him, I wasn’t serious about getting married. It wasn’t until we broke up weeks later that I found out the guy stole the ring and that it was all part of a grand plan.

I’m glad I can laugh about it now but mennnnnnn, life packs a punch when she wants to hit.

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