Kenyan Sauti Sol cancels online concert due to increase in COVID-19 cases

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta recently announced about the increased cases of corona virus shooting up in the country and has been discouraging to many people especially on the businesses. Also the increasingly of the spread of the virus in the world has led to cancellation of many concerts by artist from different parts of the world. Recently Ghanian singer Fameye had to cancel 23 concerts over the spread of this deadly virus.

Sauti Sol famously known Kenyan musical band, were forced to cancel their UK tour which they were all set to attend. After the cancellation they were happy to announce that they would deliver their good music through a live stream on YouTube which they later went on to cancel it today due to the rise of Corona virus cases in the country.

They wrote

Following the cancellation of our UK tour date at Jazz Cafe on the 28th, we were optimistic that we could stream to you a live concert on YouTube to make up for the disappointment.

They went on to put thing clear as to why they will not provide an online concert by telling that they need a crew to make the concert successful and that they cannot take any risks to irresponsibly put members close to such dangers. We have to prioritize the urgent need for our band, friends, families and team’s safety. Streaming a full live performance requires a sizable crew, band and team members to pull it off. It would be so irresponsible of us to risk their lives and those of their families. We must look out for each other in this unprecedented time.

The band boys’ went on to adding that as they are in this isolation they will still provide a new hit single for their upcoming album titled midnight train on friday April 3rd

But hey, we still love you and we wanna make your lockdown and isolation worthwhile by dropping the second single off our upcoming album #MidnightTrain, next Friday, April 3rd. Tell a friend 🙌🔥#StayHome #LockDownNow #TogetherAtHome

below is what the fans had to say,

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