Yemi Alade – Remind You

Yemi Alade released her album ‘Woman of Steel’ late last year and from then she has been blessing the interwebs with videos of singles off the album.

She has now released the video for the single ‘Remind You’ and like the title suggests, the video is exactly that.

Yemi Alade does a lot of fun things in her videos and this video is giving us a glimpse to a new side of her. The video is her being very sultry with every scene on there.

It is really Yemi Alade living a dream of being her boss’s lover; her boss is played by movie star Dimon Hounsou. Her style in the video is short shorts and long trails and everything sultry above that. She keeps her make-up earthy and soft pastels but very cute.

We get to relive the ol’skool RnB videos and vibes with the song. The instrumentation on ‘Remind You’ sounds like an old Tyrese jam.

The video is us visualizing Joe looking out the window begging his lady to come back. The directing and production of the video was beautifully executed.

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