Ethiopian Chyld – Dreaming (Original Mix)

Ethiopian Chyld – Dreaming (Original Mix)

Singer, producer and DJ, Ethiopian Chyld comes through with this new mix titled “Dreaming” and it is an original mix from the talented man.

It has been a busy year for the artiste as he has released a number of songs and produced others and this new song is the latest in the list of top songs to come from him.

This year alone, Ethiopian Chyld has released songs like “Never Ever Change”, “Children This World Is Yours”, “Vision”, “Are You Ready”, “Diamond Heart”, “My Sentimental Thoughts” and more and looks ready to add even more and this original mix is a step in the right direction.

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Tebogo J Ndala known in music circles as Ethiopian Chyld used to be known as Amol but he underwent a period of rebranding where he changed his style, and his sound and came out with the new name he now answers and we love every song that has come since then.

The South African music industry has been busy this week and it takes a lot to be heard inbetween all the noise but Ethiopian Chyld has a solid song here and we recommend listening.

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To listen, stream or download here and share your comments in the comments section.

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