Ykee Benda – Maradona

Ykee Benda – Maradona

’s Ykee Benda goes on a lyrical bender in his track titled “Maradona.” The exercise is one that should elicit a pleasurable laugh. Pleasurable, not mordant, if you please. You should love the track.

Really, you should. One of the reasons may be found in the song’s rich imagery that almost anyone can appreciate. It should be a particularly easy take for those knowledgeable in football history or football buffs, if you like. In fact just about anyone with an open mind should be able to access the song’s imagery and the world of its beauty.

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In “MaradonaYkee Benda has once again betrayed fervent infatuation with imagery and allusion in his songs. It’s all good, though, and it may be said a key marker of the song’s appeal. Music buffs will readily fall in love with this one.

It wouldn’t be limited loving, though, as Ykee Benda’s previous offerings bear as much appeal and should readily get similar fan love.

Ykee Benda’s oeuvre is impressive indeed and should make for an extensive study by a music scholar. To his credit are songs like “Kwiso Bando,” “Onaabayo” and “Aminati,” to mention a few. He featured on Divine B’s “Easy to Love” earlier this year. Of course this is but a limited list.

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