Robinio Mundibu – Misu Na Misu

– Misu Na Misu

Sometimes it seems good fortune cannot wait to fall on one. When one least expects it and sometimes when one expects it not at all, there it comes…

The above might explain the coming of Congolese singer ’s track “Misu Na Misu.” Billed for release on June 1, the track is out already and generating great buzz across the . And it is primed to spread even farther.

When you realize is an artiste of massive appeal and extreme beauty of voice, you will know just why his recently “leaked” song “Misu Na Misu” has been buzzing and why Robinio Mundibu himself seems to be in eternal buzz.

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The Congolese star has released a couple of fine numbers prior, including “4 Letters,” featuring Martins Accoust, Tsa Nano Boye,” and “Ye Yo (Générike).” He was formally introduced to our readers with a track titled “BIS,” which is one of massive appeal as well.

The current track rivals anything he has put out there. It is a song with immense dance appeal and you just might find yourself dancing to it. Last time I checked dancing isn’t a crime. So go ahead and rock the song.

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Simply stream and download “Robinio Mundibu – Misu Na Misu” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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