Zzero Sufuri – Zimenishika

– Zimenishika

Call him the artiste out of nowhere and you would not be wrong, for did not find fame until his music video “Zimenishika” went viral. Now the Kenyan’s name is splattered all over the place, with peeps wanting to know one or two things about him.

has not wasted time capitalizing on his newfound fame. He has since announced “ Zimenishika Tour” that would see him traverse cities in sharing his “Zimenishika” message. Other artistes would perform alongside him.

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Zzero Sufuri, who is based just out of Dagoretti, actually possesses a comic side to him, which is quite obvious in the music video. In fact, the video’s appeal is enhance by this comic side. And no, bearing Zzero, which sounds exactly like zero, in no way mean the songster is bereft of real talent.

Anyway, how Zzero Sufuri manages his newfound fame, and if he is able to retain it and fly higher with it, should be apparent in the coming days. In the interim just enjoy the “Zimenishika” feast. It is comic in parts and, on the whole, charming.

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