Safarel Obiang – Abougo

– Abougo

Ivorian singer has just released a thriller of a track titled “Abougo,” and it is a track likely to get you drunken in a short time. This track comes precisely two months after he dropped “Sauter Sauter.

The track just mentioned and “Abougo” may have been released months apart, but they both bear the same lyrical charm one has come to expect and indeed appreciate in songs by the Ivorian singer. The current track is something you would lap up readily. It is really good.

It should be, indeed, for is not one to be complacent and just let his art go. No. before fame he had done a lot of hard work. With fame he is yet hardworking, mastering the art of music and wooing audiences across French Africa along the way. The wooing continues, of course.

The wooing continues with “Abougo,” a number as fresh as anything he has ever released. Speaking about his past works, “tchintchin,” “Goumouli” and “Woyo Woyo” readily come to mind.

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