Geosteady – Mama

– Mama

Ugandan songster takes yet another big musical leap as he drops a number titled “Mama.” Call it a pre Mother’s day gift or a Mother’s Day gift, it remains the same charming number, a son’s homage to that one by whose efforts he came to this world.

It is more than that, though. As in, in reality the reference is to all women – all mothers. It is by their efforts that we all come to this world, and it is the nurturing by them that transforms us to who we eventually become. One should never underestimate the importance of mothers.

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In this track takes a path many may not be inclined to take, especially those from broken homes, with no bond whatsoever with Mama. Geosteady‘s case is different, of course, and for a public figure this is something to be desired.

The Ugandan songster has got several other equally engaging numbers, numbers you might wish to check out at your convenience. These numbers include “Wakyuka” “Baiby Yana,” “Finally,” and “I’m Into You,” which featured Nigeria’s Korede Bello.

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