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Social media has made possible a lot of things which were impossible or unimaginable decades back. Now some people can conveniently live a fake life without anyone actually knowing; some people can well hide under the emoji to express or share things or feeling with which they actually have no link…

We may in fact be said to be in the emoji generation where peeps fake it and fake it and fake it some more, glorying in falsehood, stoutly hiding from reality. This problem is not a new one. It probably dates back to the emergence of social media.

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It is a problem Nigerian singer has noticed for some time now, but he has only just articulated his thoughts on the subject in a new track titled, aptly, “Emoji. is chagrined peeps should fake it – should choose to live false lives when they can be real, have peace of mind and actually experience true personal growth thereby.

He has a solution to the problem, though. And here’s where I would leave for you to find it out by listening to the track. By the way, for Victor AD this track is a follow-up to “Why,” which featured Erigga.

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