Crysto Panda X Mun G – Kampala Takoma

Crysto Panda X Mun G – Kampala Takoma

It’s been a longish while Crysto Panda appeared on our radar – as far back as September 2018. Well, he is back now and with a fine track too. The track goes by the title “Kampala Takoma” and was released in collaboration with pal Mun G.

It is equally good to know Crysto Panda did no reappear with some love-piffle but a track that will probably ignite the fire of ambition in the young. The song may end up turning indolent young folk into driven champs, winning in every path they choose to follow.

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In “Kampala Takoma” one gets to see the challenges peeps have to face it in the city. This song will especially resonate with the denizens of the streets, the peeps out there who are contending with several forces in their quest to make it in life. In fact anyone who has ever hustle will find this track agreeable. Now who has not hustled, one way or the other?

Before vanished from our view, he had released “Asht” in collaboration with The Ben and Beenie Gunter. It’s been awhile appeared on our radar as well. His most recent appearance was via the track “Guma Bakunyige (Remix),” released in collaboration with Recho Rey.

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