Beka Flavour – Lamba Lolo Ft. Pierre

– Lamba Lolo Ft. Pierre

Lamba Lolo.” If the title of ‘s latest track sets off all the bombs in your head, making you recollect a track of same title by Kenyan band Ethic, well, you are not alone. So, just  chill and listen to the song.

Lamba Lolo” is the title of Tanzanian songster ‘s song. The song features Pierre. The title of the song alone will encourage peeps to want to get to listen to it and get its message. The reason is simple enough:

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The Kenyan band Ethic had actually popularized the title thanks to its adoption in one of th band’s most explosive songs ever, the song that set East Africa on fire given its deeply sexual content. Anyway, Beka Flavour is a champ in his own right and could easily have done without the title.

He had already distinguished himself even before Ethic became famous. With tracks like “Siwezi,” “Finally,” “Tulia” and several others he has taken big leaps that have put him out there as one of the major voices in Tanzanian music. That voice will give you the best listening experience in “Lamba Lolo.

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