Shatta Wale – Way To The Top

– Way To The Top

For one who has risen from the bottom to the top, Ghanaian rapper seems in an ideal position to speak about how to fly up there. In this sense his latest track “Way To The Top” is welcome.

And it is being welcomedd.The welcome is not a perfunctorily verbalization of the phrase but a frenzied sharing of, and commentary on, the the song. The song is motivational in parts, inspirational in other. In sum, though, it makes clear the importance of believing in yourself and your dreams no matter what the world says. You should rock life on your own terms.

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is not only at the top of ’s music rung right now and qualified to speak on the subject, he has fought many battle going up. Now abnd then he uses his songs as missiles. In all of this he has retained his head.

In fact a history of Ghanaian music will not be complete without his name. He has worked hard to become the most prolific rapper in with songs like “Packaging,” which featured , When You Failand “NEPA” to his credit.

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Stream and download “Shatta Wale – Way To The Top” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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