NIGERIA Rudeboy – Reason With Me

Rudeboy – Reason With Me
– Reason With Me

literally slapped shook ’s music space with the track “Reason With Me” and the accompanying music video. It wouldn’t be the first time he would shake the nation’s consciousness with his song, of course.

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Reason With Me,” though, seems to be his song of the moment. It is current trending in . The message of the song is common and almost anyone can relate with it. It must be said, nonetheless, that the song gains much of its appeal not for the novelty of the message but for the musical success of the  artiste behind it. Come with me.

Reason With Me” tells a love tale and how the lack of money can literally eviscerate love and a supposedly love relationship. is one of the most successful artistes in , so it is much easier to relate with this song. He was once at the bottom. No more.

Were “Reason With Me” to be the work of a poor and unaccomplished artiste, it wouldn’t have had as much appeal. See?

Rudeboy is the mastermind of “Double Double,” which featured Phyno and Olamide, and “Chizoba,” among others.

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