Serge Beynaud – Débrouiller Débrouiller

– Débrouiller Débrouiller

The year is looking up for singer . He has just released another fine jam that should affirm his place as one of the main names in music. This track is titled   “Débrouiller Débrouiller.

There is beauty in the sonic clatter of the title. This beauty extends to the track as a whole. A beautiful piece of music you have here and one that calls you to it again and again. From a veteran rapper nothing less should be expected.

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‘s profile has been on the rise since he smashed into the music scene in the . He may not take the tag of the most prolific rapper in the French-speaking country, but it cannot be denied his stuff is quality, things to be proud of.

The run of quality releases continues in “Débrouiller Débrouiller.” Other quality joints from Serge Beynaud you might wish to check out include: “Cette Annee,” “Kota Na Koto,” “Carton Rouge” and “Zangoule.” A short list you have here.

To completely immerse yourself in the world of Serge Beynaud, just go here:

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