TANZANIA Dogo Sillah – Mnisamehe

Dogo Sillah – Mnisamehe

He is the kid from Tanzanian who recently caught the attention of the world with his songs. He has held the world’s attention since then. And when a new song titled “Mnisamehe” to add to his repertoire, it is certain he will retain the world’s attention for a long time.

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Dogo Sillah is still in school, and although barely 12, he has been able to combine schooling and music seamlessly. He is doing well academically. Same may be said of his music pursuits. For one so young, Dogo Sillah has displayed remarkably artistry and devotion too.

And yes, in his songs, he gives you wonderful times. And the memories stay with you. Get set to take a trip with Dogo Sillah via his latest number “Mnisamehe.” You will love every minute listening to this track. Age indeed is no barrier to creativity, as you will find out soon enough.

Apparently music runs in the Sillah family. Baba Sillah also sings. So Dogo Sillah‘s singing too should not be a surprise to anyone. It is clear this is merely the beginning for Dogo Sillah. Wonderful days are ahead.

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