Vetkuk vs Mahoota & ANC – Thuma Mina ft. Leehleza

Vetkuk vs Mahoota & ANC – Thuma Mina ft.

The election season is upon once again, and the ruling party the African National Congress (ANC) is keen to retain power. And what better way to appeal to the people to vote the party once again than by using a universal language – in this case music?

The campaign is becoming fiercer with the ANC (and other parties) devising strategies to swing votes in their favour. The ANC’s latest strategy is to co-opt contemporaries and perennial collaborators Vetkuk vs Mahoota to deliver a track that should pass for a campaign anthem.

This track is titled “Thuma Mina” and featured , serial collaborator with Kabza De Small.

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By the way, this wouldn’t be the ANC’s first “campaign anthem” featuring artistes across . It had earlier released “Nkulunkulu Thuma Mina,” which featured Mark Khoza, ThackzinDJ, DJ Paper707, DJ Bat & Renaldo.

The lead artistes in Thuma Mina,Vetkuk vs Mahoota, are the brains behin songs like “Abagezi Labafana,” which featured , Drum Pope and Soul Dictators. Leehleza has featured on Kabza De Small Umshove,” among others

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