Lady Ponce – A Ne Ya

– A Ne Ya

With ’s you can be sure of one thing at least: a good time. She gives you a good time all the time with her song. Like now, with her latest track “A Ne Ya” to listen to.

She spares you not a boring second in “A Ne Ya,” as in her previous offerings. Right from the beginning you find yourself in a world of lyrical bliss, nodding along as you listen to her song. It just so happens.

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In a sense, her latestwill make you desire the weekend come right away so you can the tiresome stuff aside and just have a good time. In the company of pals or not, fact is, you are still going to have a wonderful time listening to “A Ne Ya.

With this song, leaves no one in doubt that she is a fine singer and one of the fine voices on the music scene in . Hers is a voice worth listening to. So go ahead and dock her latest number one os several tracks in her recent studio project.

Some other songs from her you might wish to check out include “C’est Décidé” and “Fidelite Kmer.”

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Stream and download “ Lady Ponce – A Ne Ya” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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