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– Elegance

At 62 Congolese legend is still strong on his musical feet and probably giving, indirectly, the newbies in the game all the motivation they need to keep on rocking, to keep on dropping the songs.

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is, after all, decades old in the music industry. He is around yet, and dropping great jams too. “Élégance” is the latest track from the much loved Congolese rapper.

Élégance” is actually an elegant work, one to which most artiste would gladly append their names. Koffi Olomide has once again shown that he is a veteran in the game, and not just a veteran but one still in possession of his singing powers.

Singing for Koffi Olomide began in the streets with him watching champs do their stuff. He imbibe much from observation and shot out into the music planes, never to turn.

 He has since made a success of music in a career spanning decades, a career that has seen him compete and worth with artistes like the late Oliver De Coque and Ferre Gola.

Loi,” “Tshou Tshou Tshou” and “Jour De Joie” are some of the songs from the Congolese rapper to date. Of course what you have here is just a short list.

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