9ice – Arami

– Arami

The ancestor is too much with us. He is always around but has only just made another lyrical manifestation. In his hands is a track titled “Arami.” Can we all stand right now and welcome and his latest track?

is a de facto ancestor in Nigerian music and apparently still walking strong at a time most of his contemporaries are already yawning in retirement and exploring other ventures aside music.


Somewhere within  his psyche, 9ice apparently still has a thing for music, and he is not prepared to let contrary opinion chase him away from the scene on the basis of having being on the scene for too long and holding out when his contemporaries are bowing out.

Well, 9ice, who Wazzyno had featured on “Work & Pray,” is still in fiery form actually, and has so far released songs you will have no regrets jamming to. Songs like “Keys,” “Esese Be Ni,” “Mercy” and “Wahala Dey” readily come to mind.

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He has worked with the likes of Que Peller (on “Ishe Nla“), Baddy Oosha (on “Timbalowo 2.0” alongside ), to mention a few. This is the “Arami” hour anyway. Rock the song.

Simply stream and download “9ice – Arami” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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