BB DJ – Atoutoun’Drai

BB DJ – Atoutoun’Drai

The stars are coming. This is what observes from watching BB DJ, a group of songsters in the currently charming the nation with their songs and performances. The stars are coming.

Atoutoun’Drai” is the latest number from BB DJ and compares to anything the group has ever put out there. It is in fact one of the most engrossing of the group’s offering yet, a song bound to awaken your dance genes or bless you with some if none exists.

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BB DJ has over a dozen songs to its credit already, songs like “Fatigue Dormir,” “Enfant Poli,” “La guerre,” “Respect acte 1,” “Les Elephants” and “Respect” – an abridged list.

BB DJ may not be the name flying around Africa’s space right now, but this name is bound to fly. The skills and talents locked within it is just too palpable and too restless to be written off. Africa has got new stars in its musical galaxy.

You gotta watch out for BB DJ. Something great is rising from the . I can’t wait to be one of those to beat the drum of their celebration.

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