NIGERIA Blackface – War (2Face Diss)

– War

One-time member of the defunct Plantashun Boyz group is not prepared to move on just yet, as he has just fired a scud missile – a lyrical scud missile – in ’s direction. (formerly ) was a member of the group.

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 That missile is all in a track titled “War ( ).” That track shot and himself into the trends list in . They are still trending.

When Plantashun Boyz split, Blackface had claimed he wrote the song “Afrcian Queen” and that 2Baba had stolen it from him. He went on to show screenshots in which 2Baba alleged apologized for using the song without permission.

However, 2Baba has insisted publicly that the song is his. Blackface has gone on to make other song theft claims against 2Baba (and some other musicians) in . Exasperated, 2Baba had sued him, claiming damages in the sum of N50 million.

Well, Blackface apparently still has ammo and full of fight. His track “War ( )” is just an avenue to addresses his grievances. Some think, however, that it is mere publicity gimmick from an old horse, now forgotten.

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