TANZANIA Hanstone – I Miss You Mama

– Miss You Mama

Tanzanian singer and “Maso” mastermind is the star of the moment. His latest song, “I Miss You Mama,” is trending in many cities across Africa.

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I Miss You Mama” shows a son recollecting “momic” moments and trying to gain perspective. It is a song of great appeal which anyone born of a woman will understand and appreciate too.

I Miss You Mama” is one song that should be on every playlist. Rock it, groove to it and forever put in memory that one from whose womb you came to earth. Just do it. Here you have one the supposedly little things that make life beautiful – remembering mom.

Rock life. Rock “I Miss You Mama.”  The experience is something you would love to have and share and share and share some more.

may be young in the industry, but he is a powerful voice yet, a voice I can barely wait to see flower. He is on to something great, something exciting and engaging. In no time I am certain Africa will roll out the drums for him.

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