SOUTH AFRICA Chad Da Don – New Rich Ft. Locnville

– New Rich ft. Locnville

Fans of South African rapper and “Fede” mastermind will most likely swoon over his track “New Rich,” an appetizing addition to his list of songs.

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’s life exemplifies courage and defiance to opposition. He may be a celebrity rapper, but that in no way gives the public the power or right o tell him how to life his life or who t date or not to date. And what say you.

An artiste who an abiding love for tattoo, he has shown he doesn’t give a rand what say about his relationship with Kelly Khumalo, on whose “Dance Comigo” video he had appeared. Although some peeps out there are saying he would die for dating Kelly Khumalo and even working with her, he has nothing but the middle finger for them all.

He is sing to sing and woo and win, and he is doing just that and brilliantly too. This much is clear in “New Rich.” Bro, you gotta rich or die trying. There is no greater slap on the face of your adversary by succeeding and succeeding some more.

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