NIGERIA Oyinkanade X Vector – Dahun (Answer)

X – Dahun (Answer)

Nigerian singer has released a new track titled “Dahun (Answer)” in collaboration with “This Sef” mastermind .

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Dahun (Answer)” is one track that truly merits the tag of hustler’s anthem. Partly motivatory (sorry I’m not gonna say motivational) and partly explanatory, “Dahun (Answer)” takes you through leaps of faith and the need to stick in there and pursue your dreams.

It will give many the courage to continue to plod on, even when things seem not to be going as planned or wished. You are encouraged to fight your way up to the top, for things never come by mere wishful thinking. Never. Fight your way up there, while doing other equally important things like imploring the divine for intervention. Prayers can be answered.

Really, you have an answer here, dear hustlers. It is called “Dahun (Answer). has dropped a song that will be appreciated by many, especially the street. By the way, Oyinkanade has got other interesting numbers you might wish to check.

Among these numbers, you find “Japa,” “Ayo,” “Sweetim” and “Falila,” featuring Topsy Topsy.

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Oyinkanade X Vector – Dahun (Answer): Download


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